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Azərbaycan Milli Elmlər Akademiyası Īnstitutu «Elm və təhsil» nəşriyyatı.


Elkhan Yusifov, Kemale Yusifova
Grammatical properties of presumptive verbs in modern English and German…………..3

Shafiga Najafova
International linguistic aspect in eco-translation: the new paradigm of translation.................11

Jamil Guliyev
The spread of Islam in Azerbaijan and influence on the Azerbaijan language…………….21

Ilham Aliyev
Pragmatic features of pronouns in the English language...28

Gulchohra Aliyeva
On the problem of functionalism in modern linguistics.... 36

Zaka Mayilov
Artistic phraseology in the works of Aziza Jafarzadeh..43

Mehman Aliyev
The prose of the independence period in the context of the return to Azerbaijani folk values (based on the legacy of M.A.Rasulzadeh)..53

Zamina Mustafayeva
Comparative analysis of the style of German and Azerbaijani languages…61

Aysel Pashazade
A varıety of American English in Linguistics.....70

Aygun Guliyeva, Nuriya Akberova
Professionally oriented Russian language training Foreign engineering personnel..76

Aygun Guliyeva, Sedaget Nuriyeva
Features of educational and research Working with first year cadets..87

Aygun Guliyeva, Shelale Mamedova
The importance of phraseology in teaching methods Russian as a foreign language..97

Afet Shahbazova.
Considering inflation and risk when assessing investment performance..107

Aytaj Fetullayeva
The importance of abbreviations in English and Azerbaıjan language education..113

Khanim Mirzayeva
Possibilities of teaching life and creativity of the world by Jalal Pashayev in literature lessons of the XI grade…120

Aynur Mammadova, Vefa Babayeva
The role of writing in teaching a foreign language…127

Guloysha Ahmadzadeh
Complex structures of imperative sentences in monological direction....137

Aybaniz Qadashova
Historical changes in English literature…144

Sabina Farzaliyeva
Stages of development of spelling dictionaries of the Azerbaijan language..150

Tarlan Ibragimli
Styles of pedagogical communication…….155

Arzu Abdullayeva
Suggested methods for research and elimination of difficulties in studying English grammar....162

Khuraman Aliyeva
Simple decarative sentence as a component of text (based on the material of German and Azerbaijani languages)...169

Shabnam Seyidzadeh, Billura Agamammadova
Role of idioms in lexical growth of the contemporary English language (based on “Money” idioms)………..176

Rafiga Jalilova
Importance ofintra-subjectintegration…….186

Nalan Babayeva
The Novel “The Incomplete Manuscript” in the context of postmodernist work..193

Sevinj Abbasova
Experience in using multimedia in the course “Linguistic and Regional Studies” for the preparatory department…200

Nurana Huseynova
Theoretical views of young grammarians on etymology..209

Aytaj Khalilzadeh
Teaching non-member auxiliary speech parts in secondary general education schools…………..217

Vafa Mamedova
On the problem of semantic interference of nomen in teaching RFL..227

Billure Agamammadova, Shabnam Seyidzade

Formation of American variety of English..237

Saida Ahmadova

Mental spaces The cognitive structure of human thought..245

Aytaj Abilova
Teaching of vocabulary in Azerbaijan language lessons..253

Arzu Karimli
Use of speech tags in various emotional-expressive communication situations...259

Chinara Abdullayeva
Research and classification of onomastic units in Azerbaijani linguistics..264

Zulfiyya Sheydayeva
The national press as a conductor of freedom of speech and thought in teaching the Azerbaijani language..271

Nurana Bagirova Alizade
Language and style of lyric works...278

Sema Khalilli
Reading as one of the factors that properly develop oral speech and written language standards...284

Aysun Hasratova
The method of word formation in Azerbaijani dialects through sound drop....292

Words with different meanings that have certain similarities during periods of language development..299

Anar Ismayilov. Farhad Aghazade
's attitude to the alphabet projects before him....305

Ilaha Amiraslanova
Agreement expressions in English...312

Gular Rustamova
Specific word combinations in Azerbaijan and English languages..317

Malahat Osmanova
Surrealism in the creactivity of Günther Grass: “The Rat” as an absurd reality and tragicomedy..322

Gunel Guliyeva, Gunel Shakirli
The role of Muhammad Amin Rasulzade in the development of the press during the adr period..331

Maral Atdaewa
Characteristics of Tuyugs by Seyit Nasimi...339

Joshgun Dadashov
Specificity of M.Moorcock's work: a return to folkloric and mythological roots…348

Fatima Karimova
The effect of innovative management on the quality of training..356

Shahnaz Shamilova
Tradition and innovation in the poetry of Jacques Prevert..362

Jalya Shukurova
Rhetoric used in Mesnevi M. Fizuli “Leyli and Mejnun”…373

Orkhan Mammadov
The role of early medieval Arabic schools in the development of Andalusian poetry..380

Naila Samadova
A glance at the Najaf Bey Vazirov archive (Najaf Bey Vazirov – 170)..387

Nuray Babayeva
The heroes of the play "Conquest of Edirna" in the context of the heroes of the epic….392

Sezar Mammadli

Attitude to Fuzuli in the Soviet creativity of Bakhtiyar Vahabzade..398

Tunzale Hamidova
A view of the problem of Women's Freedom in the story of Afaq Masoud "He" and the stories of Abulhasan Alakbarzade "Divorce"…405

Muhammad Azad
The directions of transcendence in Vagif Samadoglu's Creativity..411

Javidan Jafarov
Historical novel: artistic review of historical truth..419

Lala Kamilova
The moral importance of family in Somerset Maugham's creativity..424

Mirkamil Aghayev
Psychological portrait of Qadir in the novel "The Resurrected Man"…429

Gulzar Alizadeh
M.Gorky in Azerbaijani Literature.....434

Aysel Sadigova
The home stove problem in the novel "September" by R. Pilcher...439

Sabina Aghayeva R

Use of ICT opportunities for teaching works in the story genre in secondary school (based on grade VI, VII, VIII)...444

Ilgara Khudiyeva
Female teachers who left a mark in Azerbaijani education…451

Goncha Suleymanova
The place of Ismayil Shikhli's novel "Dali Kura" modern education..457

Zeynab Aliyeva
Embodiment of patriotism in classes devoted to the analysis of artistic works in higher schools...462

Gulnar Memmedova
The role of teaching M.F. Akhundov’s life and creativity in shaping the worldview of students…469

Zumrud Aslanova
The role of literature in imparting knowledge, skills and habits to students…475

Narmin Eminova
Strategies of interpreting humour...481

Gultekin Abdurahmanova
Subject diversity in Jusif Vazir Chamanzamli's publishing…490

Alislam Agaverdiyev
Teaching middle school students the content of dramatic works…495

Sevda Iskanderova
The role of folk music in the work of Suleyman Alasgarov…..500

Sharifa Najafova
Azerbaijan heroic story: "Kitabi-Dada Gorgud";…506

Nazpari Ahmadova
Common Features of “Kitabi-Dada Gorgud” epic with Ashiq Qarib and other folk tales…511

Bahar Alieva
The role of Abdullah Shaig's creativity in the development of children's literature ın Azerbaijan..521