Jurnalın təsisçiləri
Azərbaycan Milli Elmlər Akademiyası Īnstitutu «Elm və təhsil» nəşriyyatı.


Beyimkhanim Aliyeva
About the ways of semantization of lexical units in classes in Russian as a foreign language……….3

Svetlana Mammadova
The descendants of the land of Western Azerbaijan..13

Salman Süleymanov
Lexical units of Arabic origin in the Azerbaijani literary language of XIV-XV centuries..18

Sura Panahli
Presentation of cultural information in lexicological semiotics…………..28

Nububat Adigozalova
The problem of conceptualization in modern cognitive linguistics..34

Gunel Yunusova
The linguistic and sociolinguistic status of proper names....43

Aydan Abdullayeva
The role of functions  of intonation  in connected speech in English..50

Rena Mammadova
The influence of emotions on cognitive processing: insights from research in cognitive psychology….55

Bahar Sadigova
Somatic phrasals based on English and Azerbaijan quotes and sayings…61

Nermine Isayeva
Russian and Azerbaijani phraseologisms with typical meaning "Happiness"..67

Aysel Iusubova
Modern trends in teaching and learning a foreign language….73

Matanat Aliyeva
How language change over time?............80

Gülchöhrə Farhadova
English as a lingua Franca (on the basis of English materials)… 89

Khani Abishova
The process of adopting language as a system…95

Irada Sardarova.
On variability.....100

Roya Aliyeva
Pragmatic features of antithesis in literatue...108

Xanimana Manafly
Body language..115

Gunel Gambarova
Reading and comprehension skills developing exercises in Spanish teaching….122

Sabina Poladova
Changes in the consonant system of the English language in different historical periods………133

Gulyaz Abilhasanli
Teaching linguistic and stylistic features in satirical poetry examples...............139

Nigar Hamidova
The methodology  of using  mass media  in developing oral speech abilities in English at high schools............147

Vafa Malikova
The ways  of  usage of  modern approaches in  English language teaching  at junior courses of high schools…153

Nazrin Nematova
Text and its linguistic expressions...159

Shahla Imanova
A computerized support system for the process of certification of colleagues…166

Elnura Rajabova
Path analysis of lexical habits during foreign language teaching…174

Mehriban Mammadli
Phraseology and discourse problems (theoretical postulates)..183

Narmin Alkhasova
«Methodology for teaching English».....192

Vafa Mursalova
Phonetic structure of various regional varieties of English language..198

Ayten Museyibli
Special condition and causes of it in Turkish languages...........203

Afat Safikhanova, Valida Abiyeva, Gadashova
Types of verb combinations in English and their conterparts in Azerbaijan..211

Pervane Guliyeva
The importance of proverbs in the figurative expression of the verbal language…….218

Aytach Isgenderli
The origin, derivatives and development of the suffix -sa, -sе in the Azerbaijani language…225

Valida Abiyeva, Afat Safikhanova
Teaching to communicate with the students at the lessons.......232

Gunel Guliyeva
Semantic characteristics of neologisms used in "525" newspaper...239

Nishana Kerimova
Issues of expression and translation of special units in English..246

Saadat Alizade (Badalova)
The role of the literary language in the development of the spoken language…255

Yukhuan Tang
Case category in Azerbaijani and its expression means in Chinese….261

Rana Rzayeva
"Sufism" is a teaching based on Islamic ideology and Islamic morality…283

Zahra Khankishiyeva
Prose and poetry of J.R.R.Tolkien in modern English literature...291

Sabina Mahammadova
Ali Nazim's views on the work of Jalil Mammadkulizadeh…297

Sona Ismailova
The place of women in Victorian England (based on Anne Brontë's novel “The Tenant of Wildfell Hall”)….305

Samira Hasanova
“Poor Liza” by N. M. Karamzin as a bright sample of sentimentalist literature...314

Aybaniz Ahmadova
Methodological foundations and methods of creative psychology….322

Solmaz Nuriyeva
Methodology of teaching review topics..329

Aybaniz Аhmadova, Sabina Gasimova
Principles and content of family education…335

Sevda Khalilova
Our blood memory 31 march...345

Gunel Ahmadova
The influence of feuletons on the creation of sketch-shows....351

Fidan Mayilova
The significance of J. Austin's creation in classical literature…358

Ulkar Bakhshiyeva
The motif of going to darkness in Nizami Ganjavi's "Iskandarname" poem in the paralleled with Oguz epic folklore tradition....363