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Azərbaycan Milli Elmlər Akademiyası Īnstitutu «Elm və təhsil» nəşriyyatı.


Aysel Ibrahimova

The methodology of using linguistic materials in developing lexical skills in English language teaching…10

Shahrun Samadzadeh

The advantage  of using mass media  in English language teaching at  high  schools...16

Shahla Amirova

Category of quantity in the language of the Kul Tig monument...22

Larisa Kolesnikova

Dicteme as an elementary structural unit of speech..28

Jafarli Zeynab

The wealth of synonyms in the language of Mustafa Zarir's poem “Yusif and Zuleikha”....36

Aynur Pashayeva

The role and meaning of compound words in the Azerbaijani literary language of the 15th century…44

Shafiga Maharramova

Terminological potential of absolute synonyms in the Azerbaijani language…52

Rena Mammadova

Language in society: investigating the impact of billinguality on social dynamics and personality…60

Aygun Gojayeva

Person in French and English languages contrast learning of pronouns….66

Irada Sardarova

The concept of actant in linguistics…75

Pervane Guliyeva

The place  of Azerbaijan’s women  ashiqs  in folklore..81

Ayshen Shirinova

The particular negation as the main means of strengthening the affirmation   in modern English and Azerbaijani languages.....88

Arzu Mammadova

Methods used during the teaching of foreign language classes…94

Nigar Muradova

Elimination of grammatical and stylistic errors in the speech of elementary school students….99

Turane Zeynalova

Zoonymic lexicon in “Divani lugat-it-turk” and its trace in the Azerbaijani language….104

Lala Aliyeva 

"Role of multimedia and computer technologies in the process of teaching foreign languages"..118

Aynur Turabova

The place of zoonyms and phytonyms in the lexical system…124

Afet Saphikhanova, Aygun Aljanova, Elvina Gulamova

Deterministic clauses in English and their lexical semantic analysis….132

Irada Aliyeva

Non-verbal means of communication….138

Hajar Guluzade

Emergence and histoical development of translation.....147

Gunel Mursalzade

The valence of the verb ın Azerbaıjan And Japanese Lınguıstıcs..153

Turkan Aliyeva

Methods of practical application of authentic materials in teaching English...160

Ayten Huseynova

F.de Saussure’s concept in linguistics...167

Fidan Valiyeva

The idea of Turkism in Ziya Gökalp….174

Nargiz Rahimova

Importance of English language teaching...180

Simnar Alizada

The effect of phraseological combinations on the semantics and information of the sentence....187

Hagigat Hajiyeva

Functions for processing proverbs, idioms and phraseological units….196

Ulkar Asadova

Semantic Features of English Idioms Containing Animal Names….202

Hegiget Huseynzade

Latin words in English....210

Gariba Mammadova

Postcards-as the means of enriching vocabulary and literacy skills...215

Solmaz Ismailova

Best methods of teaching English as a second language  in the modern classroom…222

Nazrin Baghirova

The place of conjunctions between parts of speech in English and their  types..230

Matanat Aliyeva

The problem of billinguality………….237

Turkan Farzaliyeva

Psychological factors in inner speech…246

Siyuan Wang

Phonetic interference in the speech of foreigners (based on the materials of the Azerbaijani and Chinese languages)...252

Mehman Hesenli

Bashkir writer Denis Bülekov's novels in the paradigm of aesthetic change...268

Rena Rzayeva

Sufism is one of the main factors that have influence on cultural-spiritual and social-political life of the East…274

Bilal Huseynov

Seveleme. (Genre Features)…281

Ilaha Safarzade

Story genre: author’s gender affiliation  and female...286

Elchin Suleymanov

The life and activity of independence poet Mehmet Âkif Ersoy (1873-1936)…292

Nazende Hajiyeva

Mirza Shafi Vazeh’s  literary heritage in research...303

Sevinj Maharramova

Reflection of Soviet repression in Azerbaijani literature during the period of independence..311

Nigar Mammadova

Signs of lexical-semantic stability and change of dialects in the literary turkish language of the ethnotoponymic system of Western Azerbaijan (now Armenia)..323

Parvana Jafarova

The alteration of diphthongs in the Modern English Language…332

Alijan Sultanov

Spiritual review................339

Aysel Taghiyeva

The clash of conservatism and modernism in the novel “Fall of the leaves” by Rashad Nuri Guntakin…………349

Nushaba Aliyeva, Irada Aliyeva

Philosophical motifs in Rasul Reza's “The Series of Colours”………..354

Leyla Gadimova

Pragmatic-conceptual aspects in Shakespeare's sonnets............361

Hanim Mirzayeva

Possibilities of teaching life and creativity of the world by Jalal Pashayev in literature lessons of the XI grade…..366

Sharghiya Mammadova

The Crossing of styles in Azerbaijan poetry in the early 20th century against the background of tradition and innovation……..372

Gulshan Khanmadova

The theme of patriotism in methodological literature........389

Heyran Amanova

Psychologism in Elchin Huseynbeyli's Karabakh stories………395

Fidan Mayilova

The originality of S. Bronte's work in the Victorian Era (Based on the novel "Jane Eyre")..403

Mehman Aliyev

Artistic-aesthetic characteristics in contemporary stories………408

Gunay Ismayilova

Problem of snobism and art in Maughamʼs сreativity (based on the novel "The Moon and sixpence")..417

Fatma Huseynova

Eastern influences on western literature.........424

Mahira Hajiyeva

Exploring human and societal dynamics in dystopian fiction texts..430

Yegana Huseynova

Leader of national independent  literature – J. Mammadguluzade…438

Elmir Hasanov

Language and its national criteria in ana's literary criticism…446